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How many subscribers does each streaming platform have?

Streaming applications have the eyes of investors on the number of paid subscribers, because based on these metrics they are betting on continuing to support their businesses or not.

Some players like Netflix have avoided crashing but continue to trend downward. While other apps have managed to capture users that others have not convinced.

This has caused the shares of streaming companies to lose 35% since the beginning of the year, which has meant total losses of 380,000 million dollars in market capitalization. For this reason, there is now more interest in knowing how many subscribers each one has.

How many subscribers does Netflix have?

Netflix again reported a loss of users, as it reported that 970,000 subscribers stopped hiring the service, a figure lower than expected by the streaming platform, since it projected a drop of 2 million accounts.

This is the second reduction in the number of platform clients in more than a decade and totals some 1.2 million fewer accounts in the first half of the year. For the third quarter, Netflix expects subscriptions to rebound, with one million new memberships worldwide. In total, the company has 221.67 million paying subscribers, as of July 2022.

The return of long-awaited series like Better Call Saul and Stranger Things helped cushion the number of defections, which the company had projected at around 2 million for the quarter ending in June.

Prime Video subscribers

Amazon’s Prime membership had some bets in markets such as the United States, where it added Grubhub+ for one year for free and gave users a 20% discount on various products. However, the figure is higher than the 200 million users in its quarterly report, but it includes members who use this membership only to buy products on the platform.

The company hopes to add more subscribers with the premiere of one of the most ambitious productions: the Lord of the Rings series.

Paramount+, how popular is it?

Paramount released its earnings report for the second quarter of 2022, which includes the latest figures for paying subscribers. The streaming service added 4.9 million subscribers, for a global total of 43 million paying customers.

Combining Paramount+, BET+ and Noggin, subscribers total nearly 64 million paying accounts, a growth of 5.2 million before the removal of 3.9 million customers from Russia.

Paramount CEO Bob Bakish has openly discussed that the company’s goal is to reach 100 million subscribers on Paramount+ by 2024.

HBO Max and its new subscribers

Warner Media reported its finances this quarter and did not confirm the future of the streaming platform, which after canceling the production of Bat Girl and downloading six movies, for no reason, caused many users to point out the possible disappearance of the app.

However, the entertainment conglomerate reported that it achieved 92.1 million paying subscribers, a discreet but consolidated increase, from the 76.8 million that it indicated to have in the last quarter.

The new numbers do not include Discovery’s 10 million subscribers or AT&T accounts.

Disney +, and the love for children’s content

Obi-Wan, Lightyear and other content could add 10% more users, of the 129.8 million paid users that the app already has, according to CNBC analysts. The company will report its new users next week, after most streaming apps have announced their new expectations for the coming quarters.

Apple TV+ grows in revenue

Apple noted that total revenue from its devices amounts to $304.182 million, which includes its service area, which includes Apple TV+ and Apple Fitness+. Although there is no exact number of accounts, the market share of this streaming option is 6%, according to a report by .

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