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If you are a Citibanamex user, do not update iOS16.1!

Some users suspected the veracity of a message from Citibanamex , where the bank asked them not to download the new iPhone update , iOS 16.1 , since they had identified that their application was not compatible with this new version. Although the suspicions were many, the message is true and we explain why they recommend this.

According to the banking institution, the mobile application does not allow the correct operation of the Mobile NetKey, so it asks users for patience.

“For the correct functioning of NetKey Móvil, it is important that our clients download the Citibanamex Móvil application update in the App Store before downloading the new version 16.1 of the iOS operating system. For any questions, we are at your service at the Telephone Service Center (0155) 1226 2639. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this situation”, says Citibanamex.

Users who have downloaded the update have had problems using their mobile token, which is why they have had to visit bank branches so that it can be activated again.

How to download the Citibanamex update?

Directly in the App Store you can check if the bank app has the option to update, although it is also possible that you will receive an automated message in the form of a notification for you to go to the app. According to what was consulted by Expansión, the banking institution is in the process of releasing this new version, so if you do not receive it, we suggest you wait or keep abreast of the bank’s communication.

If you are an Android user, you are not having a problem with the app, however it is suggested that you verify any communication that comes from the bank through the official Citibanamex channels, in order to avoid possible fraud.

How to download iOS 16.1?

After you download the app update, you can go directly to update the new OS version. You can do it by looking for the Settings>Operating System>Update option. We remind you that before downloading the new version you have a backup of your data so that no content is deleted. Also check that your phone is compatible with the

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