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Inflation 2022, is it possible to save without losing the value of your money?

(Expansion) – Financial health is complicated in itself. It requires knowledge, discipline so that it can be sustained in the long term. Not to mention trial and error. To have solid finances, it is necessary, perhaps, to make a serious mistake a couple of times before being able to successfully cross the learning curves of good management of income, expenses, savings and financing.

If it is not necessarily an easy task (or, rather, intuitive) to distribute budgets to maintain optimal financial health, the matter becomes even more complex when facing a difficult situation such as the one posed by 2022.

Since last April, high levels of inflation have been registered month after month, above 8%. And although analysts still do not agree on the direction of the economy, whether they are apples or pears, the truth is that at least the remainder of 2022 is shaping up to continue to be a difficult year.

This type of inflationary pressure very quickly affects the pocket of a person or family and also their expectations and possibilities of saving in the medium term. If the money you have yields less, then it becomes much more complicated that a certain fixed amount can be allocated to a bank account, to pay debts or even to a small investment.

Alternative investments

And to all this, is it possible to save without losing the value of money in 2022? The situation is too labyrinthine to have a direct, favorable and honest answer right now. However, one thing that can be done is to try to find risk prevention strategies, considering that the crisis is likely to begin to feel less in the coming months. In the United States, for example, there was already a first decrease in the inflation rate between June and July, from 9.1% to 8.6%.

One of the most solid short-term investments for a person who wants to beat inflation in Mexico is to put their money in Treasury Certificates of the Federation, better known as Cetes. Currently its yield is 9.79% and although it does not reach the current external pressure levels, it is a much better option than just having the money saved and depreciating.

In times of economic complexity it is advisable (as long as the money is not needed in the immediate future) to invest in alternative assets: from real estate to precious metals, and even in stock markets, with a view to having the money work to eventually pay off. , beyond the months (or years) of crisis.

Turkey that gets out of the corral…

The Mexican saying goes well that “turkey that leaves the corral… ends in mole”. And in times of crisis, one cannot lose sight of the fact that the best financial strategy is planning and constantly reviewing the flows of income and expenses of a person (or a household). In contexts as complex as the one that 2022 entails, there is no other choice but to try to do everything as well as possible. Prevention is the best action to take in months of uncertainty.

An impeccable administration, accompanied by strategic investments and realistic savings, could well be the lifesaver that Mexicans’ portfolios need to survive the current economic upheaval.

Editor’s note: Daniel Rojas is CEO of Rocket. Follow him on . The opinions published in this column belong exclusively to the author.

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