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Kyndryl, the partner that guides your company towards Industry 4.0

Today we live in a period of consolidation of the fourth industrial revolution, which allows greater agility and accuracy in industrial processes, bringing with it an offer of products and services more appropriate to the needs of end customers. This is how , a company specializing in information technology (IT) infrastructure services, considers it.

Thanks to Industry 4.0, companies are able to make better decisions in a more timely manner. Digital solutions such as those related to the Internet of Things (IoT), the cloud and other trends help make all kinds of processes on which the industrial sector depends more efficient and intelligent.

Kyndryl collaborates with companies, from all sectors, to accelerate their move to Industry 4.0 by helping them (within its wide range of services) to generate, analyze and take advantage of data, throughout their processes.

Where to start?

For Kyndryl, the priority of Industry 4.0 is to boost the operational efficiency of companies in their supply chains, positively impacting the final consumer experience.

Advanced data management is a basic point to trigger efficiency in processes, which should preferably be integrated into an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) which, in addition to organizing them, will help connect them more efficiently. to other IT processes.

In addition, the cloud makes it possible for data to be immediately available, anytime, anywhere, something that is essential in sectors such as industry, since data is generated throughout the entire supply chain and not just within factory.

On the other hand, the adoption of the cloud leads to the decentralization of information and the reduction of infrastructure costs; streamlines processes and allows them to be integrated with new technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), the Internet of Things (IoT, same case), automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI), among others, which will generate valuable insights for decision making in different business areas.

Companies must consider that a cloud strategy and the expansion of data entry points also implies assuming new risks of information vulnerability. To be protected, the most prudent thing is to implement preventive cybersecurity solutions to protect data and processes critical to the operation. One of the most innovative solutions in this regard is blockchain technology, which adds features that help ensure that information cannot be corrupted.

Once the data is systematized, available and protected, as we have analyzed in this process, it is possible to get on the Industry 4.0 train and thus maximize the potential of the data, through AI in the cloud to streamline repetitive processes, find patterns and reduce time and costs, freeing the existing human intellect in the organization to make relevant decisions that generate greater value.

An ally with great experience

Thanks to its mastery of the aforementioned trends, Kyndryl works every day to simplify the complexity of the implementation and management of IT processes, required for companies to take advantage of the benefits of the new industrial revolution, focusing on their core business. and leaving said systems in the hands of a technological ally like Kyndryl. To cite an example, it has developed various services that respond to the needs of the industry: Cloud, Hardware Edge & Integration is one of these services that encompasses 5G network solutions, artificial intelligence and data lake, as well as edge analytics.

Kyndryl has also integrated digitization and automation services, which allow processes to be transformed in an agile, intelligent and integrated way of data with IoT, the company’s ERP and its production chain.

In terms of security, Kyndryl has developed cybersecurity services, Zero Trust , micro-segmentation for internal security, IT / TO integration solutions, networking and hardware for corporations, among other services, which range from consulting to design the right solutions for each company, to the administration of your security backups as a service (Backup as a Service in English).

Today, Kyndryl is a technological partner of the companies that move the world, made up of more than 90,000 qualified professionals operating in more than 100 countries, who design, build, manage and modernize the mission-critical technology systems of those who the world depends on every day. It has a portfolio of strategic partners, leaders in the cloud market, systems, platforms, consulting and processes that help integrate the best digital solutions.

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