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Listening to the consumer helps us understand market trends: Globant

Globant’s daily activities already impact the daily lives of millions of people, through home banking systems, access devices and the development of video games. However, the reinvention of the digital environment does not stop and that is why it also ventures into new developments, such as the Metaverse or non-fungible tokens (NFT).

During the Inter.Mx Expansión Summit 2022, Diego Fabani, regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean of Globant, participated in the panel “The new relationship with consumers” and highlighted the importance of technology as a facilitator that can bring businesses to consumers and give them a competitive advantage.

The Metaverse, experiences without limitations

According to Fabani, the Metaverse is: “A virtual world that can be considered the evolution of social networks” and companies have before them the opportunity to develop the market in this area. Globant, for example, works on these platforms with Microsoft, Sony and EA Sports.

In addition, another important collaboration mentioned by the director is the one with the Canadian DJ Deadmau5, who seeks to offer users of the metaverse a different experience, without limitations, through his musical proposal.

Companies that understand the customer will have the advantage

In the wake of the pandemic, the way end customers express themselves has evolved, as have their conversation topics, which have turned towards issues such as diversity, inclusion, climate change or the transformation of work. On this, Fabani commented: “We have a lot of learning ahead of us. Companies that transform digitally and culturally to interpret the trends are going to have a tremendous competitive advantage and be able to take advantage of the market.”

He stressed that, currently, users prefer to pay a higher price for better service and that: “Large companies that have already started their digital transformation by investing in the consumer experience could grow up to 70% in three years.” Likewise, another transformation would be the way of measuring the success of a marketing program, which is now based on the sentiment of the users, that is, it adapts to the behavior of the client.

Council of Igniters: voice of the new generations

Lastly, Diego Fabani highlighted the role of the recently formed Globant Council of Igniters, a corporate board made up of five centennial influencers , born between 1996 and 2012, who seek to convey their fresh and innovative perspective to the digital company’s portfolio of services.

Its objective is to offer its point of view on the topics that currently interest the consumer, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, sustainability and others that we already mentioned. On this subject, Fabani pointed out that the objective of this new way of working that includes the voice of the youngest in the market is “to define how Globant’s service portfolio should evolve and make a comprehensive version that covers the real needs of our clients. and consumers”.

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