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Male attractiveness: (leg) size does matter

For tastes, the colors: there will be those who like tall, short, blonde, brown, bald … Studies of sexual attraction abound, and generally, and whenever we take into account the statistical mean, heterosexual women – because scientists do not They tend to consider the tastes of the LGTBI community – they opt for traits that advertise good quality genes, such as facial symmetry, thinness, rosy skin tone or deep voices. Recent work even pointed out that eating garlic makes men more desirable.

Much of this research has also looked at the harmony of body proportions. Specifically, in the length of the legs, which seem to give clues about the health of individuals: the ideal of male beauty marks that they should measure approximately half of their total height. For example, lower limbs that are too short have been linked to a higher propensity for type 2 diabetes .

But it was necessary to delve into this factor, since until now other anthropometric indications had not been examined, such as the length of the arms or the location – central or not – of the elbows and knees, the joints that divide the limbs. A team of scientists have used digital anatomical models based on the measurements of some 9,000 army soldiers to find out if these other variables also have any bearing on women’s preferences. The experts deformed the three-dimensional figures to varying degrees and subjected them to the judgment of 800 heterosexual volunteers in three rounds of examinations.

The arms leave them indifferent

As explained in an article in the journal Royal Society Open Science, the results of the study confirm what was already known: that the closer the length of the legs is to half the total height of men, the more pleasing to the eye these will look like these to women, and that it is better that they be a little longer than too short. But depending on whether they strayed above or below the ideal ratio, the males were significantly less attractive to the volunteers in the experiments .

On the other hand, the length of the arms did not influence in any way in the feminine preferences . The researchers attribute it to the fact that the variability in this anthropometric factor is lower in the population. Furthermore, it probably provides less information about the health of the individual, and therefore about their chances of reproductive success. Something else influenced the position of the elbows and knees in their respective limbs, but their importance was residual compared to the length of the legs.

Finally, it must be taken into consideration that researchers have evaluated the sexual tastes of heterosexual North American women, shaped not only by biology, but also by cultural and social factors. Even so, and with all caution, it can be said that the size (of the legs) does matter.

Photo: figures used in the study

Más información: “The influence of leg-to-body ratio, arm-to-body ratio and intra-limb ratio on male human attractiveness”. Thomas M. M. Versluys, Robert A. Foley, William J. Skylark. DOI: 10.1098/rsos.171790


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