Tech UPTechnologyMario Garcés addresses talent with ''Women of Health''

Mario Garcés addresses talent with ''Women of Health''

The deputy spokesman for Economy of the Popular Group and former Secretary of State for Social Affairs and Equality, Mario Garcés, has received representatives of the "Women in Health" initiative. The meeting made it possible to review the main objectives and the status of the initiatives aimed at promoting female talent in healthcare. Current data was analyzed and attendees were able to share their analysis.

During the meeting, Garcés made an assessment of female employment and the situation in Spain.

The attendees were able to comment on the situation of the lack of opportunities to reconcile in public health , the innovative programs to publish while on maternity leave or the high presence of women in management positions in the pharmaceutical sector.

The gap in positions of responsibility in public health is part of the gender gap that society faces. Garcés commented that the situation is repeated in Europe and that it was established that its correction would increase world GDP by 23%.

These meetings are part of the Mujeres de la Sanidad initiative, which promotes a greater presence of female doctors in positions of health responsibility , since they represent over 70% of the medical staff and barely occupy 30% of the heads of services. The meeting was attended by Fina Lladós (Amgen), Iria Miguens (SEMES, Soc. Esp. de Emergencies y Urgencias), Ana Morales (Janssen), Cristina Ferrer (Bayer), Denise Quintiliano (Boehringer Ingelheim), Laure Yvenou (Sanofi), Marta Ariño (Marie Claire) and Santiago de Quiroga (Medical Gazette) .

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