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Measure your visual intelligence playing on Facebook

lapicesHow tall are youvisual intelligence? Now you can find out by playing on the social network Facebook thanks to an application developed by a team of neuroscientists from the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC). The new platform will allow researchers to test different cognitive abilities and obtain a large amount of data with which to determine the parameters that affect the visual capacity of the human brain.

? It is the first time that we use a social network for a cognitive study, which will allow us to obtain a large amount of information on the cognitive capacity of Internet users from all over the world “, explains the CSIC researcher and study director Gonzalo García from Polavieja, who works at the Cajal Institute.

The application has been raised asa simple game that has a maximum duration of three minutes. The tests are of two types. On the one hand, participants are asked to estimate, for example, how many pencils they see in a certain figure, and on the other, to calculate, among two possibilities, which one has the greater number of pencils. In addition, some of these games can collect social information, such as the number of people who have chosen a certain answer. Once all the questions have been answered,the program calculates the score based on the success and the speed in answering. The result appears in a “ranking” with the historical scores.

The data generated will be stored in a file hosted on a server external to the CSIC. • The results will help determine what factors (time, social information or age) affect visual ability; This analysis will allow us to model this response in humans ?, the researchers point out.


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