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Money increasingly expensive: Banxico will raise its interest rate to 11%, predicts BofA

Mexico’s central bank is expected to raise borrowing costs more than expected and end the year with the benchmark interest rate at 11%, up from a previous estimate of 10%, as it prioritizes stability over growth, according to economists at Bank of America Corp (BofA).

Banxico, as the central bank is now known, is now expected to implement two consecutive 75 basis point rate hikes in September and November, and then a 50 basis point increase in December, economists Carlos Capistrán and Christian González Rojas wrote on Sunday. in a BofA report after an investor trip to Mexico.

Banxico’s board is meeting this week and all economists surveyed by Bloomberg expect the bank to announce a 75 basis point hike on September 29, taking the rate to 9.25%.

“Our main conclusion is that Mexico continues to prioritize stability over growth,” Capistrán and González Rojas wrote. “On monetary policy, this means that it is very likely that Banxico will continue to raise its rate along with the US.”

Staying in line with the Fed would also prevent the peso from depreciating, further amplifying external price shocks, the BofA economists wrote. The peso is likely to continue to outperform many currencies around the world, they said.

The priority of Mexico’s Ministry of Finance and Public Credit is to keep a tight primary balance and debt-to-GDP ratio under control, while continuing to support national oil producer Pemex with more capitalizations if necessary, according to experts. from BofA.

What to do if the transmission does not work?

We can be certain that the decisions that have already been made, since the increases in interest rates began, will soon make a dent in price levels, considers Ángel Huerta.

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As long as the monetary policy of the US central bank does not cause damage to the local economy, it will not change its position of raising the interest rate.

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"Where we finally leave interest rates and the extent of the steps we take will depend on how the inflation outlook evolves as we proceed," Lagarde said.

Who is Jonathan Heath and why is he now deputy governor of Banxico?

Jonathan Heath, an economist from the Universidad Anáhuac, was ratified as a member of the Board of Governors of Banco de México in January 2019.

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