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NASA will use the metaverse to train future missions to Mars

The interest in colonizing Mars has been intensifying in recent years and the amount of news about the red planet and its possible incursions are proof of this. Aerospace company SpaceX is not only becoming more confident about landing humans on Mars, but NASA has also been working to get astronauts more acclimated to staying on the Red Planet.

Now, NASA also wants to join the entities that want to immerse themselves in the metaverse, to take advantage of its potential and achieve virtual reality simulations of the exploration of Mars to acclimatize future explorers on the arid and dusty red planet.

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According to Gamerant , NASA has already created 5 classes of Martian simulations: "Set Camp", "Scientific Investigation", "Maintenance", "Exploration" and "Blow Your Mind" for these environments. The latter suggests giving free rein to creativity and can be used to put into practice situations that initially seem implausible or impossible.

Using Unreal Engine 5 , developers will attempt to build their experiences for use within NASA's Mars XR Operations Support System. You don't have to start from scratch. This environment already features a world with Martian terrain, realistic weather, day/night cycles, Martian gravity, and other assets like spacesuits and rovers.

Reference: NASA / Gamerant

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