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Netblocks alerts internet interruption in Cali during the strike

The foreign organization, which monitors the internet worldwide, assures that connectivity began to present difficulties from 4:30 pm on Tuesday.

Netblocks, a non-governmental organization that monitors the internet worldwide, warns that connectivity in Cali was interrupted during the recent manifestations of the national strike.

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According to the portal, the difficulties to connect to the internet in Cali began to appear from around 4:30 pm on Tuesday, and at dawn on Wednesday.

Netblocks indicates that it would be the second interruption presented in recent days. In fact, according to the portal, “network metrics corroborate user reports of difficulties connecting amid widespread protests and the reported use of live fire by security forces.”

“The disruption has a partial impact at present, but is likely to significantly limit the free flow of information from the site of the protests. Work is being done to monitor the situation ”, added Netblocks.

Cali has been the epicenter of strong tensions and the escalation of violence during the manifestations of the national strike: there have been the assassinations of different protesters, there are shortage problems and even the UN denounced that a human rights mission was attacked and shot by the Policeman.

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This Wednesday the national strike committee scheduled a new day of protests throughout the country.

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