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No need to use it anymore? Google Chrome is named the RISKYEST browser of 2022

A new report from VPN service provider Atlas VPN has revealed details about how secure some of the most popular internet browsers are. Google Chrome has been declared the most vulnerable browser of 2022 , while Apple Safari is the most secure.

Here are more details of the report. Their findings are based on the VulDB vulnerability database, which covers the period from January 1, 2022 to October 5, 2022.

The most vulnerable browser is Google Chrome

Google Chrome is considered as one of the most reliable browsers and that is why most of the users prefer or use it as default. In fact, Chrome’s market capitalization hovered around 61.96% as of August 2022, SimilarWeb reported.

Therefore, it is surprising to learn that the most popular browser in the world is also the most risky. According to the Atlas VPN report, Chrome contains 303 vulnerabilities and leads the charts with 3,159 cumulative vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability details

Chrome is the only browser in which new vulnerabilities have been discovered in October 2022 so far. These include the following:

Chrome users can fix these issues by updating the browser to version 106.0.5249.61. After Google Chrome, the next most vulnerable browser is Mozilla Firefox, which contains 117 vulnerabilities.

According to Atlas VPN, Microsoft Edge was the third most vulnerable web browser, with around 103 vulnerabilities, which is a 61% increase compared to vulnerabilities discovered in October 2021.

Is Safari the most secure browser of all?

Although Apple Safari was not rated as the riskiest browser of 2022, it does not mean that it is the cleanest and safest of all. The browser had 26 vulnerabilities discovered in the first three quarters of 2022, and 1,139 vulnerabilities have been discovered since the browser’s release. However, it was declared the most secure due to the comparatively low vulnerability count in 2022.

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