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No what no? Death Stranding will come to PC Game Pass

Death Stranding, the latest game developed by Hideo Kojima and that had been released exclusively on PlayStation, will arrive on PC Game Pass on August 23.

This movement marks a precedent for games that had been exclusive to Sony, as Death Stranding was originally released for the PlayStation 4 in 2019; however, the title’s publisher, 505 Games, decided to make it available for PC via Steam in 2020.

While the game’s arrival on PC Game Pass may be a boost for Microsoft’s subscription service, it doesn’t guarantee that the game will be available to play on the Xbox console, as Sony still controls this aspect.

This is the first game from the famous designer Hideo Kojima since he split from Konami in 2015 and proposes an adventure, where the protagonist is a courier who lives in a catastrophic world and delivers supplies between cities while fighting against strange creatures that appeared in the earth.

The PC Game Pass version will include support for ultra-wide monitors, photo mode, high frame rates, “crossover content from some well-known franchises,” as well as the ability to unlock achievements.

Kojima is known for making memorable games (he’s responsible for much of the Metal Gear franchise) and Death Stranding was no exception, receiving multiple award nominations.

Regarding sales, the title surpassed the barrier of five million copies sold in the middle of last year on both PlayStation 4 and PC, and despite the fact that Sony no longer updates its sales figures for PS4 titles, the game obtained a Director’s Cut update for PS5.

On the other hand, the relationship between Kojima and Microsoft seems to be at its best, because in addition to its latest title appearing on the platform, Kojima Productions is working with Microsoft to launch the “game I always wanted to make,” according to Kojima’s own words. Japanese developer.

The announcement of this association was made at the last Xbox & Bethesda Showcase and although not many details are known about it so far, it is known that the new IP will use Microsoft’s cloud technology to develop a “concept never seen before”. ”, according to the creator.

A blow to Sony exclusives

This news has a favorable impact on Game Pass users, who will receive a very award-winning title; However, for Sony it represents a serious blow, since it is a game that was considered part of the PlayStation content portfolio.

Even Microsoft itself has pointed out that exclusives are one of the most important strategies in the video game business for Sony, which has even allowed it to forge its leadership in the industry.

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