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Not to sleep with the lights off: 7 horror video games to celebrate on these dates

Playing video games is becoming more and more common in the Mexican market. According to data from the EAE Business School on gaming, e-sports and streaming, revenues related to this sector grew 106% in the last 12 years, going from 0.84 billion dollars generated in 2009 to 1.73 billion dollars generated the year past, which places the country as the most important in this industry in Latin America.

And to celebrate, why not play some of the best horror games for Halloween ? HyperX points to these titles as some of the most iconic.


New ghosts and maps are one thing, but the developers of Phasmophobia have also brought a host of quality of life improvements. The latest update brings a whole new base of operations featuring daily and weekly challenges, restricted versions of some of the larger maps, difficulty customization, and much more.

As you will testify, the visuals have improved and the ghosts act differently depending on their type. To beat the game, you will have to be more cunning and creative than just hiding in a closet once the game starts. Notably, more updates are still on the way, giving these sinister spirits a new life for a long time to come.


The exorcisms and capture of goats in Devour were relevant elements for horror fans; however, it is necessary to increase fear. Fortunately, the number of places to experience the terror has been expanded to four, and each one brings its own mechanics and fears.

The first Asylum addition is all about disabling troops, but later levels of Inn and Town are much more creative in both mechanics and settings, as they do make things difficult for you. Halloween 2022 is the perfect time to get three friends together and see if you can keep up with the possessed terrors that roam the grounds of Devour. Keep in mind that the Inn can be a problem for anyone with severe arachnophobia.

Resident Evil Village

For those who prefer to raise their fear to the maximum, Resident Evil Village is the ideal. Finally, after waiting for a while, the release of the game’s first major DLC, Winter’s Expansion, is here. Although the new Shadows of Rose section seems intriguing, the game in general invites you to live this horror experience.

The DLC will add a third-person mode to the entire Village story, letting you play through Castle Dimitrescu, House Benevenento, and everything else in the style of the stellar remakes of Resi 2 and 3. There’s plenty of fun in Mercenaries mode, too, where the giant vampire will become a “playable” character.


Scorn is a first-person shooter horror video game developed by Ebb Software exclusively for Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X, and Series S. The game is directly inspired by the works of HR Giger and Zdzisław Beksińsk.


Delving into the ruins of Ancient Egypt to identify the Mejai will take your breath away. The threats posed by the Mejai make the conclusion of each level a terrifyingly tense escape race.

Since its release, Forewarned has received several major patches, including this year’s Eternal Banishment update. This added the additional and optional challenge of collecting relics from around each tomb, performing a ritual in its depths, and permanently banishing trapped Mejai. However, you will have to be quite brave to achieve it.

Dead By Daylight

Studio BHVR’s 4v1 multiplayer assassination fest has continually expanded its catalog of killers including terrifying faces from Resident Evil, Hellraiser, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Ring, Silent Hill and more.

This year, Dead By Daylight underwent relevant gameplay changes with the aim of making the game more attractive for those who want to prestige characters and unlock all perks.

As such, it’s a great time to jump in, though the sheer number of powers and characters means you’ll probably want an experienced friend to show you the ropes.

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan

The first entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology is far from the highlight of the series, but developer Supermassive Games recently overhauled the ghost ship story to tweak it and even bring in new content.

The main purpose of the patch was to bring things in line with House of Ashes, Dark Pictures’ most recent title. That equates to new QTE warnings, increased walking speeds, improved user interface, and new accessibility features.

The most exciting thing, however, is that Man of Medan also received a brand new chapter. According to the developers, the Flooded segment features “new gameplay and new deaths in the climactic ending of the game.”

The update is free for anyone who owns Man of Medan on PC, Xbox One, or PS4, so head back there and see if you can keep everyone alive this time.

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