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Olympus Bioscapes, the best microscopic images

olympus For the eighth year in a row, Olympus America Inc. has hosted the Olympus Bioscapes International Digital Imaging Competition.

"Microscopic images forge an extraordinary link between science and art," says Osamu Joji, Vice President of the Olympus company. "We created this competition to focus attention on the fascinating stories that take place every day in bioscience research laboratories . The thousands of images that scientists have submitted so far showcase some of the most exciting work in science today. jobs that help us understand life and can ultimately save lives, "adds Joji.

The contest is attended by images of living beings captured with light microscopes using any magnification scam and / or lighting technique. Participants must accompany the image with a description of the "story" behind. The winning images, and the honorable mentions, become part of a traveling exhibition that runs through museums and academic institutions.

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