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Poor Mexico: The price of a kilo of tortilla has risen almost 3 pesos so far this year

So far this year, the average price of a kilo of tortilla has risen 2.89 pesos, which represents an increase of 15.15%, according to data from the National Information and Market Integration System (SNIIM) of the Ministry of Economy.

On September 21, the average price per kilo of tortilla in tortilla shops was 21.59 pesos, the maximum price reported was 26.78 pesos in Sonora. On January 3, the average price was 18.70 pesos, with a maximum of 23.07 pesos in Baja California.

Data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) indicate that from 1969 to 2022, the price per kilo of tortilla has increased more than 125%. The price per kilo of tortilla reports continuous increases in its prices as of 1990.

Month after month there are increases in the national average price, including after July, when the federal government’s Package Against Inflation and Scarcity (PACIC) was launched.

Price is maintained in supermarkets

Meanwhile, prices have remained stable in self-service stores, according to SE data. On January 3, the price was 12.99 pesos, with a maximum of 15.33 pesos in San Luis Potosí.

While on September 21 in supermarkets the national average price was 13.68 pesos, with a maximum price of 15.86 pesos in Chihuahua.

AMLO wants to lower the price

Andrés Manuel López Obrador has expressed that the increase in prices is not justified in times of crisis. On Wednesday, he met with directors of Minsa and Maseca, companies that, according to the Presidency, account for 90% of corn flour sales in the country.

“There are very few producers, or those who distribute basic foods, it is not very diversified, we can talk to them, in the case of corn, there are two who have 90% of the corn flour, and the price depends on that. of the tortilla. We are going to talk to the owners to show them the behavior of the prices”, said the president on September 7.

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