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Satellite images help us improve energy efficiency

Susana Lagüela López is a distinguished researcher for the Iberdrola-Usal VIII Centenario Chair and was always clear that she wanted to pursue a scientific career. He tells us that he opted for Mining Engineering “because at that time everyone was studying industrial and I wanted to be different.”

One of his lines of work is the analysis of satellite images : “Currently the studies are already called Mining and Energy Engineering and include remote sensing subjects. Satellite images have been used for a long time to study outcrops, analyze the ground surface, etc. In my case, we use the thermal band to study energy efficiency ”, he explains.

This approach has many practical applications in the short term: “one of the most direct is the development of tools for the design and management of self-consumption solar plants , that is, you know how much the panels of your house or building produce, at what time There will be the production peaks and you can charge your electric car or put the washing machine. It can also be used to design the electrification of vehicles, especially public transport, detection of urban heat islands to know in which areas of the cities it is necessary to carry out energy renovations, etc. ”.

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