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That always yes: OnlyFans will allow adult content for five more years

OnlyFans has been part of various controversies for its intentions to eliminate adult content within its platform, since a large part of its creators are based on these types of images. However, CEO Ami Gan announced that this content will remain available for at least five more years.

This confirmation is important for creators who broadcast their content on the platform, since in August of last year it was announced that OnlyFans would no longer allow sexually explicit images, something that angered users, who pointed out that the platform had done a lot of money through their images.

The reason why they had made this decision was due to pressure from card payment companies and investors; however, it generated too much outrage, especially in the sex worker sector, who had found a way to personal and financial liberation.

Due to this controversy, just a few days after the news was released, the company suddenly backed down thanks, in large part, to user protests.

On the other hand, the determination to maintain adult content is also intended to maintain its place in the industry in the face of TikTok, which has just announced live broadcasts only for adults, that is, you must be over 18 years old. to be able to do it.

Until now, only streamers over the age of 16 with at least 1,000 followers can stream. As of November 23, they must be 18.

However, TikTok has not explained much more about this change, and it is seen as an extension of the current rule (such as the one that requires you to be over 18 years old to monetize videos or over 16 to be able to send and receive direct messages). Both measures are intended to protect the community.

How many users does OnlyFans have?

OnlyFans is based in the UK. A couple of months ago it was announced that the use of the platform had a rapid growth during 2021, reaching 2.1 million creators so far.

On the other hand, the followers who are paying for the content reaches 188 million and the audience is growing at a higher rate. 128% vs. 34% of content generators.

The earnings for people who are uploading their content was 4,000 million in 2021, while the company’s earnings were 433 million, a significant figure if you take into account that in 202 it generated 61 million dollars.

For this year, figures estimated by PitchBook, a software and financial data company, mention that the company could generate 2.3 billion dollars in revenue for this year.