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The ABM will collaborate with the Senate in the reform on “abandoned” accounts

The Association of Banks of Mexico says that it is willing to collaborate with the Mexican Senate in the process of reforming the Law of Credit Institutions, approved a few days ago in Deputies and that its purpose is that the resources in banking institutions that have not been claimed in six years they are assigned to public security.

The organization has issued a statement this Sunday in which it expresses its interest in working “to achieve a reform that benefits Mexican users.”

“The Association is ready to provide information and present arguments to legislators, both technical and legal, so that they have sufficient information to allow the Senate to enrich the reform proposal sent by the co-legislator,” it says in the document published this afternoon. “The ABM is certain that the senators will promote changes that, without distorting the spirit of the reform, guarantee the protection of users of financial services that could be affected by this reform.”

The reform proposal proposes that the resources be used to strengthen, train and equip federal, state and municipal security elements. The reform has been criticized for having been presented in a context of strengthening the national army.

Until now, the resources of an account that did not report movements could go to public charity.

The organization has also recommended that customers of banking institutions and those with accounts with little activity, concentrate their resources on accounts that are used frequently, proceed to cancel the rest and approach their banks to update their data.

“The ABM reiterates that the bank guarantees at all times the security and protection of the resources entrusted by its clients,” it says in the text.