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The best sci-fi movies of 2019

2018 we say goodbye with movies like Mortal Engines (a time when cities move on giant wheels around a desolate Earth, attacking and devouring smaller towns to replenish the necessary resources) or Aquaman (it is clear that the choice of Jason Momoa for the title role it was a brilliant move for DC – behold the king of Atlantis).


The most important studios in the world filled their lists with series and movie launches that few of us wanted to miss this year. And there has been something for all tastes. These have been the great audiovisual plans of the entertainment industry for this 2019:

We present you a list of the most emblematic releases (and hopefully the best) that have competed for our attention during these months. From superhero action movies to fantasy and sci-fi dramas, here’s our signature cinematic button.


One of the ones we had in our sights is: Ad Astra , in which actor Brad Pitt is the protagonist of this epic science fiction film. “Ad Astra” is directed by James Gray whose last project by the director was “The Lost City of Z”.


Pitt plays an Army engineer who decides to go on an ambitious space mission to discover what happened to his father, an astronaut who never returned from a one-way mission to Neptune in search of signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. The cast includes the likes of Tommy Lee Jones, Ruth Negga, Donald Sutherland and Jamie Kennedy. One of the heavyweights of science fiction cinema of 2019.


As a curiosity, Brad Pitt wanted to participate in the film as soon as he heard the story that James Gray wanted to tell. 20th Century Fox has the premiere of “Ad Astra” scheduled for May 24, 2019, so it could be released at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, but the director is not sure if he will be able to finish it by that date.


Do you want to find out if you have missed a premiere? The list of the most outstanding science fiction series and films of 2019, below:


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