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"The concept of gender is so amorphous that it is not useful to discuss it scientifically"

He is one of the most controversial thinkers of the moment. The clinical psychologist and writer Jordan B. Peterson went viral when, a few years ago, his controversial statements in reference to thorny current issues such as gender ideology, cultural appropriation …

Since then, he has had diverse and intense television debates that have not gone unnoticed by the sensitivity of today’s Western society. Does the brilliant Dr. Jordan B. Peterson have a provocative urge? Or does it only rely on rigor and scientific knowledge to expose a reality that hurts a confused and wounded society?

The University of Toronto professor travels the world presenting his book ’12 rules for living. An antidote to chaos’ , in which he reflects on those tips that everyone should take into account for a happy life. One of these questions, about which we asked him in the interview, is that of living a life ‘with meaning’ ( a meaningful life ). “A life in which you follow the pattern of people you admire,” Peterson begins by explaining. “Admirable people take responsibility so they don’t burden others. Instead, they take care of themselves and have the ability to take care of others; perhaps, of a family ”.

Regarding the most controversial issues in his thinking, we asked Dr. Jordan Peterson about genders. Although the United Nations reported in 2018 the existence of up to 112 genders, Peterson’s position is as follows: “It depends on how you define gender.” This concept, according to the professor, has been so tainted by politics that it is impossible to have a reasonable conversation about it.

In essence, Peterson is clear that, biologically, there are two sexes , and that in each of them can occur “a wide variety of temperaments between people .” Thus, how these two sexes manifest in possible genders depends entirely on how we define the concept of ‘gender’.

“Sex is not a spectrum if you look at chromosomes; it is a spectrum if you look at other markers .” However, for Dr. Peterson what is relevant is how this issue has become so controversial in the last 5 years. Something that, for him, “is not particularly helpful.”

“The discussion about gender does not serve to set people free and make their own decisions in life, but is part of an assault on the fundamental categorical structures of Western civilization .

In fact, the doctor concludes in a way that admits little retaliation: “The concept of gender is so amorphous that discussing it scientifically is not particularly useful,” he says.

But even more relevant is the reflection that Dr. Peterson makes below: “This modern confusion regarding what constitutes gender and sex will do good to very few, and will make many suffer.”

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