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The jet skis of the future


Although at the moment it is only a prototype, the Dolphin Hydrofoil watercraft , designed by engineer Nikko Van Stolk, meets all the requirements to become the watercraft of the future. Its creator has conceived two hydrofoils , an elliptical front one and a rear one, which allow it to rise when moving, almost as if it were flying. This reduces resistance to waves and helps the vehicle glide on the surface of the water with great fluidity, also reaching more speed than current jet skis.

When braking, both hydrofoils sink and the Dolphin Hydrofoil remains floating on its central structure.

The Earth has an 'ocean' 660 km deep

A diamond has confirmed that there are colossal masses of water equivalent to six times the water of all the oceans) at a depth of 660 km.

Climate change is changing the colors of our planet (literally)

The blue color so characteristic of the lakes could disappear and turn greenish brown, new research concludes.

Climate change is affecting the quality of drinking water

The disappearance of the forests, as an indirect consequence of climate change, will have consequences on the quality of the water in the reservoirs.

Avoiding a crisis: drought in Monterrey echoes among winemakers

Wine and juice manufacturers are preparing investments and adjustments in their processes to prevent a water crisis from reaching them in the future.

Why is there water in the sea and other curiosities of the beach

Why is sea water salty, why is the sea blue, why are there waves in the sea and the most striking thing: where did all that water come from?