EconomyThe keys to reconfiguring business, on The Money Night...

The keys to reconfiguring business, on The Money Night Show

Businesses are on the road to revival after two years of drastic changes globally. The process has been challenging and arduous.

With an unprecedented, ascending and unstoppable acceleration, the changes point towards the world of digital ecosystems. The transformation is underway.

A transformation by leaps and bounds

Proof of this is that last year 44% of companies had more employees telecommuting or working from home, in addition to the fact that 27% of companies began selling online, according to what the host Moris Dieck said, during a Another episode of The Money Night Show, presented by Expansión.

In said broadcast, Mariana Ochoa, singer and entrepreneur with “Movie Costumes”, together with an executive representative of American Express, provided advice on how to reactivate business after two difficult years for the world.

The American Express executive commented that recently the financial system has changed by leaps and bounds, given the transformation in the markets derived from the global health contingency.

“It already came with a track in a very accelerated way, but in the last two years the last push that companies and businesses needed to position themselves even stronger and adapt to a new way of living occurred.”

He added that today more than ever, businesses require access to tools for optimizing working capital, financing and simplified processes when making transactions, which is why it is essential that banks and financial institutions act in this regard.

The keys to starting from scratch

On the other hand, Mariana talked about her experiences in the world of entrepreneurship with the “Movie Costumes” store, in addition to the challenges she has overcome, as a result of the transformations both in her business side and in her artistic career.

He also recounted how he managed to get his businesses to survive two difficult years and how he came to see that “need is motivating” when starting a new venture.

To sustain a company, time, money, commitment and strategy are essential, according to Mariana, who also assures that it is very important to accept changes in life as opportunities to grow.

“In my case, I was very comfortable in Onda Vaselina, then in OV7 and, when we parted ways, I made novels, I took out my records and I realized that my life continued to depend on the record company, the television station, the theater producer and I said : ‘I want something of mine’”.

This is how in 2009 he opened his first store “Movie Costumes” in Mexico City.

He managed to open several branches, but after the economic repercussions of the pandemic he closed some and currently only has five open, of which his brother, Octavio Ochoa, is in charge.

She has also developed EM Media Agency, another venture focused on organizing virtual concerts, as well as promoting talent.

“This thanks to my friends and colleagues for the trust they have given me to promote them on our social networks as public figures. Some are singers, actors, drivers or athletes, “said the businesswoman.

Finally, both participants agreed on the following: being willing to transform and adapt to new market circumstances, as well as taking advantage of contact networks, are key factors to achieve a correct business reconfiguration.

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