EconomyThe SAT coordinates with the states and raises tax...

The SAT coordinates with the states and raises tax collection

Greater coordination between the states of the country and the Ministry of Finance has left benefits for the state coffers for 268,000 million pesos (mdp) from 2020 to the end of August this year, the Tax Administration Service (SAT) reported this Sunday.

The work between both parties consists of identifying unfulfilled taxpayers, with lack of regularization or with debts.

The resources obtained by the Fund related to ISR totaled 238,000 million pesos, while thanks to administrative coordination, economic incentives of 30,000 million pesos were obtained.

“The key to this effort has been to provide a comprehensive diagnosis, establish work plans in the short and medium term and follow up until the total correction. As a result of this work, between 2020 and 2022 debts of 61,000 million pesos have been regularized, which have boosted the restructuring of state and municipal finances,” the SAT detailed in a statement.

He added that in the reference period debts of 61,000 million pesos have been regularized, which have contributed to cleaning up state finances.

The work between the federation and the states consists of providing training, transparency and exchange of information, mainly.

For this, the SAT reported, 2,312 work meetings have been held that include 2,027 state, municipal and regularized agencies.

The State of Mexico, CDMX and Veracruz are the entities that will benefit the most from these agreements.

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This tax has existed since 1962 and was originally intended to raise money for the 1968 Olympics, but after the event, it remained.

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López Obrador will meet with the head of the SAT and with the head of the area of large taxpayers to review cases of alleged tax debts.

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Although the corresponding payment of taxes must be made, if the SAT is informed that it is an inheritance, these can be exempt.