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The Spanish Nobel Laureates

Karl Marx, philosopher and economist known for writing ‘ Capital ‘ and the ‘ Communist Manifesto ‘, said that ” perhaps no other country, except Turkey, is so little known and so badly judged by the rest of Europe as is Spain .” This particular reflection should not only point to other European countries but also to Spain itself, since it is easy to forget the great feats and characters that stood out so much in their respective fields. Undoubtedly, the Spanish people are as particular as their people, a complex and proud society that can only be understood by going deeper into it and getting to know it . Whether in science or literature, the great minds of the country manage to stand out for their genius and do it with their own style that is, at best, interesting.

Among all the prizes awarded by the international community in different fields, few are as highly recognized as the Nobel Prizes. The award created by Alfred Bernhard Nobel, many consider that as a result of his bad conscience for the deaths caused by the manufacture of dynamite, it has been gaining fame since that distant first edition in 1900 . Beyond the medal or the money that makes up the award ( 8 million crowns part of Alfred Nobel’s fortune), the true importance of this lies in the recognition that is made of those people who have made the most effort to contribute and advance the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Medicine, Literature and Peace. In the more than 100 years that the Nobel Prizes have been awarded, only eight Spanish scientists and writers have been awarded this recognition, a not inconsiderable number.

The two scientists, the doctor Santiago Ramón y Cajal and the biochemist and molecular biologist Severo Ochoa , were two of the most relevant figures on the Spanish scene in the field of biological and medical science and their discoveries changed the scientific scene internationally . On the other hand, the authors of poetry, novels and theater who have received the Nobel used to be recognized how they managed to innovate and deepen their respective fields without forgetting respect for the Spanish literary tradition , one of the richest and most widespread in Europe .

These are the names by which the great Spanish minds who received the Nobel Prize are known .

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