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The top 6 of renewable energies

energia-eolica The American engineer Mark Jacobson, from Stanford University, has evaluated the different renewable energy sources according to their ecological footprint , their impact on global warming on Earth and their benefits for human health. And it has developed an interesting ranking that places wind energy as the most desirable.

The second place is occupied by concentrated solar energy (CSP) , followed by geothermal energy, tidal energy , photovoltaic solar panels and, in sixth position, wave energy or wave energy.

Jacobson, who publishes his conclusions in the latest issue of the journal Energy and Environmental Science , assures that “good energy alternatives are not those that have been talked about the most.” “The philosophy that we should try a little of everything is wrong,” he adds. And he recommends “focusing on the technologies that provide the greatest benefits now that we know what they are.”

Their analysis also shows that ethanol-based biofuels would cause more harm to human health, biodiversity and water supplies than current fossil fuels.

Regarding the new generation of ecological vehicles , the researcher concludes that the best option is the use of electric batteries as a power source, closely followed by hydrogen cells.

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