Economy#TheImperdibles. Has the worst of inflation in Mexico passed?

#TheImperdibles. Has the worst of inflation in Mexico passed?

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The issue that has been in the spotlight since the end of last year and throughout 2022 is inflation . This global phenomenon that hits the pockets of all inhabitants, particularly those with lower incomes, seems to have no end. And precisely for this reason, the question we ask ourselves is whether the worst of this situation is over.

The answer seems to be no, but at least there are already signs that we are close to starting a downward trajectory.

In standing at 8.5% during July, a better figure if we consider that in past months it was above 9%.

Here in Mexico, the Inegi reported that the data reached 8.15% in the seventh month. A number that continues to grow, although at a slower rate. That is why we ask ourselves, is the country running out of silver bullets in the face of the inflationary wave? we answer you

To round out more on the subject and clear up many of the doubts about the impact and the possible solution to the problem, we had the opinions of the , and the deputy governor, Jonathan Heath (who spoke with us on July 14) that you cannot miss.

By the way, a doubt, you who have already returned to the office or who do it in a hybrid way after the pandemic, and with this inflationary environment, do you feel that both issues have affected your diet, especially the healthy one? If you do not know, .

And to stop talking about inflation, which overwhelms us all, we have to tell you that not only ordinary people are hit, but also the government and its commitments, and if you don’t believe it, see how now and allocate more resources than it disburses for education or health.

In Short, the most important news of the week

In an express summary we are going to share other of our important topics of the week.

Goodbye to the reign of Netflix. Disney exceeds it in subscribers, although it does raise prices.

And where do you want to go to live in Mexico City? Did you know that 66% of the houses that are built are in the south, here we tell you.

That the return to school does not thunder your head with so many bills and money that will fly, better know what are the school expenses that you can deduct from taxes… your pocket will thank you.

Lover of WhatsApp conversations? Here you go you can not stop occupying if you want to be updated.

And it is a reality. Vehicles from the Asian country represent more than 70% of GM’s sales in Mexico.

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