EconomyThese are the BMV courses to learn finance

These are the BMV courses to learn finance

The stock market in Mexico has many challenges, but perhaps one of the most important has to do with the lack of financial culture in the country, one of the necessary pillars for financial inclusion, for the democratization of investments and for people to can benefit from participating in the financial system.

“In order for the benefits of financial inclusion to spread to the entire population and the economy as a whole, people must be able to participate in the system in an appropriate, informed and secure manner, for which it is essential to promote financial education”, indicates the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) in the National Survey of Financial Inclusion (ENIF) 2021.

According to this study, compared to 2018, no progress has been reported. or even setbacks, in the knowledge of some basic economic and financial concepts in 2021. An example is the concept of interest. Although almost 100% of the population with higher education answered correctly when asked the concept of interest, only 6 out of 10 correctly calculated the simple interest and only 4 out of 10 correctly calculated the compound interest, a concept that Albert Einstein defined as “the eighth wonder of the world, the one who understands it, wins it; the one who doesn’t, pays for it”.

Given the low financial education in the country, the Mexican Stock Exchange, which has been operating for 128 years, made one of its greatest efforts and in September 2002, the Ministry of Finance granted it authorization to carry out training activities, and that is how it was born. BMV-Educación, which in 2016 became Escuela Bolsa Mexicana, where courses are taught for all levels, from the most basic to diplomas and certifications in different financial and business fields.

In the second quarter alone, Escuela Bolsa Mexicana taught 56 courses to 11,791 people, according to the Grupo BMV report.

What courses are there at the BMV?

Escuela Bolsa Mexicana offers a diverse range of face-to-face and online courses for all levels. Its courses are based on five pillars that cover different levels of professional development:

  • Basics
  • Certification
  • Specialization
  • Diplomas
  • Tailor-made programs

Among the topics that are developed are:

  • Finance, Investments and Stock Market
  • Leadership and Business
  • SME
  • personal development
  • Information Technology
  • Accounting and Law

Here you can consult in detail the courses currently offered along with the modalities (face-to-face, Saturday or online).

Requirements to register

At a basic level, the only thing you need to enroll, in addition to the fee, is to have an internet connection, in the case of online courses.

The requirements are greater as the courses become more specialized, for example, to enter the Diploma in Corporate Finance it is necessary to have prior knowledge of accounting, statistics and administration.

Do they have a cost?

Escuela Bolsa Mexicana courses have different costs; At the basic level, the lowest price is ‘The child and the Stock Exchange’, which has the objective that children learn about the role of the Stock Exchange, with a value of 2,088 pesos and a duration of 9 hours.

For the older ones, ‘My first investment in the Stock Market’ is the course with the lowest price: 2,395 pesos. This course lasts 12 hours in which they are given “the basic tools to carry out a healthy practice of personal finance, as well as to relate it to the Stock Market in Mexico, with the aim of encouraging investment,” he says. BMV group.

Among the higher priced basic level courses are ‘Induction to the derivatives market’, ‘Induction to the securities market’, ‘Finance for lawyers’ and ‘Fundamentals of Technical Analysis’, the four with a cost of 5,916 pesos and a duration of 18 hours.

In addition, Grupo BMV also has ‘Stock Exchange Thursdays’, free limited-capacity conferences, in which personalities from the financial world are invited to speak on different financial and economic topics.

It also has its Bolsapp application, recently launched in June of this year, and which has four main components: financial education and culture -where you will find courses and the Stock Exchange blog, podcast and video capsules-, a fund comparator of investment, a channel -in which the broadcasters will be able to share videos, presentations, infographics, live- and also a link with the Brokerage Houses, which will be able to offer trivia and look for new investors.

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