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This company has just presented a humanoid robot that can run, crouch and pick up things with its hands

When Elon Musk introduced the “Tesla Bot” a year ago, there was no sign of him, just a dancer dressed as a robot. If all goes well, Tesla’s humanoid robot should see the light of day this year. Now Xiaomi has gone ahead of the American company and has not only presented the CyberOne , but has also shown it.

A few months ago the company presented its CyberDog dog with an amazing design and functions. Now, they take a new leap by showing us the Xiaomi CyberOne, a humanoid robot that will be the manufacturer’s great proposal for this year.

This robot is made up of several sensors capable of detecting emotions, feeling them and even expressing them through the OLED screen located on its face.

According to its state of mind, it will play a series of colors and animations so that we know how our robot is doing. It should be noted that the firm has indicated that this bot is currently a prototype, but they have also clarified that it is a real product and that it will reach the consumer market at a price of around 98,000 euros in exchange.

In this event, the company took the opportunity to show the potential of CyberOne. In different videos we could see him giving a rose to Lei Jun.

Regarding the characteristics of the bot, we are talking about a product with a humanoid shape and that has a height of 1.77 meters, in addition to a weight of 52 kilograms. It can also reach 3.6 kilometers per hour and is capable of grasping things with its hands, analyzing the environment to avoid obstacles, and much more. With 21 articulated points, his movement capacity is quite complete, he can perform contortions or crouch while maintaining his balance.

Some have speculated that Xiaomi introduced the CyberOne to compete with Tesla’s Optimus Bot. This is most likely true given the time frame of CyberOne’s debut. And it’s no wonder there will be competitors.

Although Tesla has yet to unveil a working prototype of the Optimus Bot, Elon Musk announced that AI Day will be held in the hope that Tesla will have one by then.

Elon Musk has said many times that Optimus Bot was developing Tesla. During Tesla’s Q4 2021 earnings call, Elon said:

“In terms of product priority, I think the most important product we are developing is Optimus, a humanoid robot. I think over time it has the potential to be more significant than the car industry.”

“In economic terms, the foundation of the economy is work. Capital is a derivative of work. So, what would happen if you never had a shortage of work? At this point I’m not sure what the economy would mean, that’s it.” what Optimus is about, it’s very important.”

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