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This is the first creature to lose its legs to evolution

The fossil creature in question represents the earliest evidence that an animal with limbs ends up losing limbs, in the course of evolution, through lack of use.

The worm-like creature, called Facivermis , lived about 518 million years ago during the Cambrian period , a time in history when there was a rapid diversification of complex, multicellular life forms.

Facivermis lived underwater: its body was long and thin and had five pairs of spiny arms, suggesting it could be a "missing link" between legless cycloneural worms and a group of fossil animals called lobopodia. However, he lost his lower limbs over time due to disuse. He lost his legs to engage in a better lifestyle inhabiting the tubes.

One more step in the tree of life.

Reference: Richard J. Howard et al. A Tube-Dwelling Early Cambrian Lobopodian. Current Biology, published online February 27, 2020; doi: 10.1016 / j.cub.2020.01.075

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