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This is what Kimberly Loaiza, Danna Paola and Luisito Comunica can charge for each publication on Instagram

What would an influencer with more than 10 years of experience, 39 million subscribers on YouTube and 80 million followers on social networks have to do to attract more followers and not bore their audience? Keep innovating.

This is the case of Luis Arturo Villar, better known as. For almost a decade, the influencer from Puebla has understood that creating content requires creativity, time, perseverance and, above all, constantly investing in tools and learning how platforms evolve so as not to be left behind.

For this reason, within the framework of VidCon Mexico 2022, the annual digital content convention, Luisito signed an alliance with. Thanks to its Artificial Intelligence and data analysis tools, it will seek to enhance its growth and reach on its Facebook channel, where it makes videos in English for its American audience.

The influence of influencers

A few decades ago, when someone thought of someone famous, a pop singer, Hollywood artist, renowned journalist, relevant politician probably came to mind… Today, a new category has been added to this select club of personalities: influencers.

So much so that, according to data from Influencity, only in Mexico it is estimated that there are around 443,000 influencers from almost any segment, positioning the country as the third in LATAM in proliferation of creators who generate influence.

According to the study “Social Media Use by Generation”, prepared by , in Latin America generation Z spends an average of 4 hours a day on social networks; millennials 3 and a half hours; and generation X, 3 hours and 13 minutes.

This makes influencers a very attractive place to be hired by brands, where they can charge anywhere from $10 to more than $20,000 per post, depending on the size of their audience.

For this reason, companies dedicated to influencer marketing are also booming. For example, it is a company that connects influencers with brands; is specialized in TikTok marketing; , which helps plan, collect and analyze data to find the most suitable influencer, among others.

The most popular Mexican influencers on Instagram are Kimberly Loaiza, with 36 million followers, followed by Danna Paola with 34.8 million followers and in third place Luisito Comunica, with 32.4 million.

According to the calculator from , Kimberly can charge anywhere from $71,589 to $119,315 for each Instagram post. Danna Paola between 69,228 to 115,380 dollars and Luisito Comunica from 64,523 to 107,539 dollars.

However, it should be noted that these estimates were made with a calculator that works based on Artificial Intelligence and that prices may vary depending on the context, brand, and situation.

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