EconomyToday's menu: delicious fear with a taste of triumph

Today's menu: delicious fear with a taste of triumph

(Expansion) – Becoming a “friend” of fear, of my fears has been difficult. Accept it, more. And it is that fear can be the most difficult obstacle to overcome in the world of entrepreneurship: fear of making a mistake, of making a wrong decision, of taking risks, of failing…

Throughout my life I have faced situations that have caused me a lot, a lot of fear, both personally and at work. And if I had let myself be overcome by that fear, I would not have made decisions that I knew carried significant risk.

Risk is one more key in the equation because when we accept it and become aware of it, we know that we can make mistakes, that we can receive criticism, that we will have to accept our mistakes and face the consequences… But that is not going to prevent Let’s show everything we can offer to the world if we are clear about our purpose.

For me, the key is first, to defend humanization in each administration. We are people and this makes it easier for us to adapt to the continuous change in which we find ourselves.

I believe that it is fundamental, and necessary, that we entrepreneurs have a clear purpose and know how to convey it. We have a special ability to analyze the situations in which we find ourselves, to adapt to change and its speed.

I am a woman and an entrepreneur, and the importance in today’s society, I do not think it focuses on the person’s gender, but on the ability to manage uncertainty, to learn, to empathize, to be leaders of change.

Everything we have experienced in recent years has come over us, surprised us, and has shown us that we have to adapt unexpectedly and immediately to drastic and unforeseen changes. And also, that we have that ability to adapt, which perhaps we did not know.

A situation like the one we experienced has been able to highlight our weaknesses, but it has also brought out our strengths. It has given us the opportunity to get to know each other better, in greater depth, discovering who we really are.

And it has been precisely fear that makes us know and strengthen our values, principles and mission to be faithful to our personal and professional purposes.

I strongly believe that the clearer you are about your purpose in life, the freer you are.

In short, after passing the stage of accepting fear and risking moving forward, we will be able to strengthen emotional ties by then, go to the “heart” of our own enterprise and of all those who have to do with it.

Let’s humanize relationships and organizations, but, above all, let’s learn to lose the fear of taking risks and go alone on this path because it’s not like that. Bon Appetite.

Editor’s note: Sara Cuéllar is an entrepreneur and PR specialist specializing in fashion, lifestyle and luxury with 20 years of experience. Trained as a journalist and collaborator of several national media. Follow her on . The opinions published in this column belong exclusively to the author.

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