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Uber says goodbye to the mandatory mask and you can now use the front seat

"Following the recommendations of the public health authorities, the use of face masks in trips with the Uber app is no longer mandatory ," Uber said in a statement sent to its customers in Mexico. And not only that, from now on, Uber drivers must allow the use of the front seat as long as the number of passengers requires it.

However, Uber asks to take precautions in the face of the personal health situation and that of family members, when taking a trip. That is, consider wearing a face mask when symptoms of covid-19 or some other respiratory illness occur.

"It is still important that you take safety precautions while traveling. Therefore, we recommend that you roll down the windows to allow air flow, sanitize your hands before and after the trip, and always cover your cough or sneeze," he adds in the statement.

Finally, the technology company acknowledged that it is still possible that the mandate to use face masks within the private taxi service remains in some cities, due to local regulations around covid-19.

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