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We give you two tickets to see 'Superhéroes con bata', the new show by Javier Santaolalla

Who wouldn’t want to have super powers? Flying, running at lightning speed, going through walls … In the world of superheroes the rules are broken and everything seems possible. There is not limit! But what if I told you that there are people in the world with amazing capabilities on a par with comic book heroes?

Interestingly, superheroes have a lot in common with people you would never suspect of such abilities. That’s right: among the common mortals, some beings graze freely who, although they are painted as weak, weak or misfits, in reality have the ability to transform the world, defend peoples and fight for equality, exactly the same as the superheroes … They are the scientists.

Javier Santaolalla returns to the stage : Superhéroes con bata is a fun monologue from the perspective of the scientist and popularizer, in which we will learn some of the most incredible feats carried out by relevant men and women in the world of science, and that inspired the engineer and doctor of physics to dedicate himself to his vocation.

About Javier Santaolalla

Born in Burgos, this engineer and doctor in particle physics investigated at the prestigious CERN and was present during one of the most important detections in the history of Physics: the Higgs boson. Spread your passion through YouTube on the channels Date a Voltio and Date a Vlog; and is the author of three books: The Higgs Boson Won’t Make Your Bed , Physical Intelligence , and Extreme Life Hacks. Homemade experiments that will blow your mind .

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