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Who Invented the First Solar House?

The Hungarian scientist Maria Telkes , famous for creating the first thermoelectric power generator in 1947, invented thanks to this technology and the principles of semiconductor thermoelectricity, the first solar heating system for Dover Sun House in Dover, Massachusetts (USA). .) and the first thermoelectric refrigerator in 1953.

The first solar house

With a doctorate in physicochemistry, she was named one of the most important women in the United States and popularly called the "queen of the Sun" . The 100% solar house had a Glauber salt-based heating system and, although your solar house has nothing to do with the solar panels we currently use, it was certainly a breakthrough for the time. How much did this innovative solar house cost? $ 3,000 then, about $ 32,000 today .

Credit: MIT Archive

The sixth mass extinction has already begun

The history of life on Earth has been marked by five events of mass extinction of biodiversity.

They create the most detailed 3D map of the universe and it is spectacular

The map, under construction, now includes 7.5 million galaxies. When complete, it will contain information from 35 million galaxies.

China is building an artificial moon

The artificial moon has a low-gravity environment to help us dig deeper into our satellite.

They detect a possible second supermoon outside the solar system

This moon, which would orbit a planet the size of Jupiter, is almost three times larger than Earth. More observations are needed to confirm the finding.

The cosmic bubble that surrounds the Sun is the source of all nearby stars

A team of astrophysicists has demonstrated this by means of a 3D model of the origin of the Local Bubble, some 500 light-years in diameter.