EconomyWorks on 10 mining concessions are temporarily suspended, reports...

Works on 10 mining concessions are temporarily suspended, reports the Ministry of Economy

The works and works in 10 mining concessions were provisionally suspended by the General Directorate of Mines of the Ministry of Economy, on August 11, the agency reported in a statement issued on Friday night.

Each of the works may be resumed until the employers and representatives of the work centers certify compliance with the measures dictated in each of the respective files, after inspections carried out by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS), he specified. the Ministry of Economy, in charge of Tatiana Clouthier.

None of these provisionally suspended concessions corresponds to that of “Las Conchitas Fracc. North” title number 221087, property of CIA MINERA EL PINABETE, SA DE CV

“The General Directorate of Mines was informed by the STPS, on August 9, about the existence of a letter dated December 9, 2021, which requested the General Director of Mines at that time to proceed with the provisional suspension of works and works of the mining lots: 219392, 198194, 224555, 216996, 219420, 240825-240826, 219355, 219316, 243787 and 233958″, detailed the agency.

He emphasized that this list “did not include the property CIA MINERA EL PINABETE, SA DE CV”, where an accident was recorded on August 3, when a coal pit where 10 miners remain was flooded.

In 2021, the then General Director of Mines did not proceed with the provisional suspension of works and works, arguing that the STPS information on the 10 aforementioned concessions did not coincide with the registry data held by the General Directorate of Mines.

Considering this and other possible irregularities, of which the Internal Control Body in the Ministry of Economy has been informed, with the purpose of investigating and, where appropriate, establishing the corresponding responsibilities, the director general was dismissed. de Minas and the director of Obligations Review last June.

Finally, he explained that the Ministry of Economy has been present at the El Pinabete facilities at all times through the Mexican Geological Service with two of its geologists, as well as a doctor from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León with a specialty in hydrogeology.

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