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YouTube, the decisive screen to promote the growth of brands

YouTube proves to be an excellent tool for achieving brand recognition as it has become a critical factor for brand growth.

In Mexico, according to a survey conducted by IPSOS, while watching from their televisions, users watch 30% longer videos and in 120% longer sessions than those originating from their mobile devices or desktops.

This shows the effectiveness of YouTube especially on traditional devices that had been considered more conducive to advertisers than conventional television.

On the other hand, according to a survey conducted by Ipsos, YouTube is the number 1 video service in Mexico that young adults say they would miss the most if it were no longer available.

While 90% of online video users in Mexico feel that YouTube content tells a good story. In short, for online video users in Mexico, it’s TV when they watch it on their TV.

This demonstrates the existence of an emotional bond between users and YouTube, which is key to achieving a greater advertising impact.

Users’ preferred platform

Based on the above, there is a question that marketers keep awake when they create their campaigns: how do I know that I am speaking to the right audience?

And it is understandable: with so many contact channels available, making a decision is more complex. Perhaps, a good exercise is to put yourself in the shoes of consumers to discover in which of all the media they think they will find the content that most interests them.

According to a study conducted by Ipsos, when thinking about the world in a year, 90% of online video users in Mexico say that YouTube will have their favorite content, significantly more than the average of the competition

All possible tastes and needs have their place on YouTube, the most varied content video library that exists, so each play is totally relevant to the user, which is reflected in the following data:

According to a survey carried out by Ipsos, 83% of video users in Mexico say that, one year in the future, YouTube will be the best reflection of what is happening in the culture, 90% say that YouTube will give the best recommendations for what to watch, and 83% say YouTube will be the first place they go when they want to watch something.

So, if users find what matters to them on this platform, it is highly likely that a product or service will find the ideal candidate.

The single platform to deliver content

The most interesting part of this story with a happy ending, where users and brands meet, is that this connection has concrete and measurable consequences for companies.

According to a Marketing Mix Model analysis conducted by Nielsen in Latin American countries, it is observed that the Return on Investment on YouTube increased from 1.17 to 2.04 US dollars from 2017 to 2019.

And this trend has continued to rise over the last three years.

Throughout the region, several brands have already positioned YouTube at the heart of their marketing strategies. Each one, in a different country and with different goals, found an ideal solution to achieve them on the same platform.

This process is based on three fundamental pillars:

1. Maximize brand reach

2. Get relevant

3. Achieve conversions with campaigns

YouTube is the unique and relevant platform when it comes to delivering content. It has more influence than might be expected when people make purchasing decisions, as it acts as a bond that shapes culture.