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Zoom grows its number of users by 400% for the home office and online classes

The number of users of the Zoom video conferencing platform grew 400% during the covid-19 pandemic, going from 75 million users in 2019 to 300 million users today.

Rogelio Rocha, director for Mexico and the Caribbean of UpMarket & Verticals of the video conferencing giant Zoom, explained that the same growth in users was registered in Mexico as a result of confinement and in response to the needs of industries, the educational system and people. for the development of its activities.

The manager explained that in the case of Zoom, “cybersecurity played an important role during the pandemic, especially in the face of rapid growth of this platform, however they achieved a secure service” that today serves 300 million users, when in 2019 were only 75 million.

Rocha said that part of this growth is also due to the “freemium” model that many companies are using, such as Siemens, which allows the user to use an application or service for free.

“They could subscribe and have 40 free minutes of Zoom, but seeing that they were insufficient, many hired the application for $17,” said Rogelio Rocha.

In the case of Mexico , Rocha said that the service “had the peculiarity that it was also used to broadcast weddings, baptisms and even funerals because meetings were avoided during the pandemic.”

Within the framework of the presentation of the Mexican Hannover Messe, which will be held in the city of León, Guanajuato, from October 5 to 7 with the “Industrial Transformation México 2022” Expo, Rocha met with Gerardo Pérez, Head of Digital Enterprise of Siemens Mexico.

In addition to Daniel Cruz, director of Government Affairs of Schneider Electric, Mexico and Central America, and Felipe Rivera, general director of Mitsubishi Electric Automation, companies that will participate in the Hannover Messe of Mexico, and all agreed on the strengthening of digitization, cybersecurity and reduce the carbon footprint.

Rocha recalled that one of Zoom’s objectives at Hannover Messe is to focus on large users .

“We are focusing on large companies because they learned that with the pandemic the hybrid model is here to stay,” mainly to optimize the production processes and value chains of companies, explained the manager.

For his part, Cruz reported that Schneider Electric estimates to invest 100 million dollars in Mexico in different generation projects, electrical storage and reconfiguration of some plants.

In addition, he rejected that the change in public policies by the current government in energy matters modifies its investment plans committed to Mexico.

Meanwhile, Rivera, general director of Mitsubishi Electric, highlighted that despite the pandemic they achieved growth during 2020 and 2021 , of 30% in the digital transformation segment and 60% in cybersecurity.

“Now, we must make production processes more efficient, because if we want to achieve digital transformation, we must rethink the way we consume, the pandemic changed the forms of production processes and their optimization,” said Rivera.

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