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Shortly after Twitter takeover: Elon Musk spreads conspiracy theory

New Twitter boss Elon Musk has shared a conspiracy theory about the attack on US leader Nancy Pelosi's husband.

Media: At least 68 dead in bridge collapse in India

Dramatic scenes in India: A busy pedestrian bridge collapses, according to media reports numerous people are killed. The bridge had only recently been reopened.

Wollnys, Kellys, child madness: These stars have an unusually large number of children

Some celebs just can't seem to get enough offspring. Whether reality stars, politicians or rock stars - here you will find the most famous extended families.

Lonely and frustrated: Prince Andrew hardly ever goes outside

In Windsor, Queen Pinz's former favorite son, Andrew, leads his hermit's life. He doesn't seem happy.

He loved it: Dietrich Mateschitz drank that many cans of "Red Bull" every day

“Red Bull” founder Dietrich Mateschitz died last Saturday of pancreatic cancer at the age of 78. The billionaire liked to drink the cans of the energy drink himself.

Energy crisis: Insurers warn of "dangerous experiments" with alternative heating methods

The heating season in Germany is coming up. The demand for alternative heating methods without gas is high. Insurers see a danger in some.

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