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130 countries approve to apply a global tax to multinationals

With Mexico included, 130 countries and jurisdictions, out of a total of 139, approved this Thursday an agreement to impose a global minimum tax on corporations, which will include digital platforms.

The agreement was discussed and celebrated in today’s session of the Inclusive Framework group of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the Undersecretary of Finance and Public Credit, Gabriel Yorio, reported in a tweet.

“It is feasible that the global minimum rate remains at 15%, with which it is estimated to obtain a global bag of 500,000 million dollars. For Mexico it would be, at least, 30,000 million pesos, “the official explained.

According to the Undersecretary of Finance, this tax is expected to favor stable and fair tax systems.

The provision has the support of Mexico, and it is expected that a global agreement will be consolidated so that this tax is ratified at the G20, in which Mexico also participates.

Last Tuesday, June 8, Gabriel Yorio reported that if an operating framework is established, this minimum rate would be included in the 2022 budget for large companies.

The objective of the tax is for countries to compete for investment by companies on a level playing field, and to reduce incentives for capital to go to tax havens.

According to the Treasury, there is a universe of more than 100 companies that could be taxed with this tax.

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