Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit

LAST MINUTE: Package against inflation costs 574,624 million pesos to the treasury

The Secretary of the Treasury, Rogelio Ramírez de la O, said that the Package Against Inflation and Famine (PACIC) will be reinforced with new measures such as the importation of powdered milk and fertilizers.

LAST MINUTE: After 12 days out of service, CompraNet returns to operate

The Ministry of Finance reported that the public contracting platform restarted operations in its entirety.

'Franciscan Poverty' for Education and Health and an extra 20,000 million pesos for Tourism and the Mayan Train

Although the pandemic is not over, the government cut the budget for the Ministry of Health. Spending on Benito Juárez scholarships was also reduced and more than 20,000 million pesos were sent to Tourism.

#LasImperdibles: The AIFA takes off slowly… and not even AMLO shakes its hand

The airport reaches its fourth month of operation with fewer users served and without the route to Villahermosa, but with the premise of taking flight. This theme and more in the best of Expansión.

The Ministry of Finance expects this system of the Mexican government to resume operations until August

The unit in charge of Rogelio Ramírez de la O estimates that operations with the government purchasing system will resume until the second week of August.

The Treasury says it is working to restore Compranet

The electronic information system on public procurement has been suspended since July 19 and there is no exact date for its restoration.

More money for sustainable projects: Treasury issues second round of BONDES G for 15,000 million pesos

The new issuance of BONDES G strengthens the expansion of the sustainable local debt market in Mexico, which, since 2019, has increased the amount of issuances in our country by more than 300%.

130 countries approve to apply a global tax to multinationals

The collection potential for Mexico with this tax is 30,000 million pesos, affirms the Undersecretary of Finance, Gabriel Yorio.


"So far it's been haunting me": Danni Büchner traumatized to this day because of his ex-boyfriend

In her podcast "Living la Vida locker" Danni Büchner puts on a "soul striptease", as she says herself. When she talks about her ex-boyfriend, the tears come to the "Goodbye Germany" emigrant. She is still traumatized today.

Because Shania is now 18: Robert Geiss takes on the role of personal bodyguard

Shania Geiss has now turned 18. Nevertheless, Papa Robert takes good care of his daughter. He sees himself as her "bodyguard".

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