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62% of what is told on Facebook is positive

A Swedish study by the University of Gothenburg on the use of Facebook reveals that women spend 81 minutes a day on this social network, while men spend “only” 64 minutes a day . The average user accesses the social network 6.1 times every 24 hours. From the research it is also deduced that, for 85% of the respondents, accessing this social network is part of the daily routine , which is an “almost unconscious habit, in some cases addictive”, as Leif Denti assures, that has led the study. In fact, 70% of users log into Facebook consistently every time they open the web browser.

On the other hand, the data reveals that the users who spend the most time on Facebook are also the ones who feel the least happy and most unhappy with their lives . And that a third of male users use Facebook to provoke others. But when it comes to publishing information, most of the content that is shared (62%) is to express positive emotions and share happy events .

On the other hand, 67% of young people state that they use Facebook to kill time. And 50% of users, regardless of age, use the social network to access information and acquire knowledge.

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