FunThe dangerous fashion that has gone viral: fake braces

The dangerous fashion that has gone viral: fake braces

Social networks do not stop surprising us. Although many of the challenges that arise are funny and fun, there are others that, in addition to not making any sense, are very dangerous, as experts warn. Now it has become fashionable to wear false braces , and more and more people are interested in following this trend.

The same thing happened some time ago with glasses without lenses or without prescription . But, unlike these, braces are not innocuous. The Spanish Society of Periodontology and Osseointegration (SEPA) warns that wearing false braces can lead to numerous dangers to oral health.

Dr. Patricia Bratos, orthodontist and co-founder of Ferrús & Bratos , explains to the newspaper ’20 minutes’ that these braces can be bought on the Internet and even on YouTube there are tutorials to make them at home with things like clasps, wires and clips. Glue and wires can fracture teeth.

Therefore, those who are joining this trend do not even go to a dental center to get them fitted. This is very worrying as the materials are not supervised from a sanitary point of view. Also, because false braces are not fitted by trained and experienced orthodontists, it can cause damage to the teeth .

False braces can cause tooth movement, gum problems such as gingivitis, descaling, and even tooth loss .

For its part, the Spanish Society of Periodontology and Osseointegration (SEPA) , in an article for the magazine ‘Take care of your gums’, points out that this fashion has become a very real problem, and even in some countries such as Thailand, the Government it has been forced to penalize the sale of this type of device. Experts warn that braces must be indicated and have to be placed by orthodontists.

However, this dangerous trend has spread like wildfire among the main users of TikTok, users between 15 and 20 years old. Specialists point out that playing with the movements of the teeth between these ages is not a good idea because it could cause the loss of teeth.


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