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What is campanu and what does this tradition of Asturias consist of?

How much could you expect to pay for a fish? Did you know that in Asturias there is a tradition that has to do with salmon fishing and that implies paying thousands of euros for a single fish? Let’s learn more about What is campanu and what does this tradition of Asturias consist of?

What is campanu and what does this tradition of Asturias consist of?

One of the most popular traditions related to the world of fishing is that of Campanu, which is celebrated in Asturias, Cantabria, but we can also find similar celebrations in other corners of Europe .

The Asturian tradition of the campanu has to do with the beginning of the salmon season and if you are lucky enough to catch the first one, you can earn a lot of money since the first specimen that is caught and then auctioned can reach very high figures ( for example, in 2019 it reached 10,000 euros).

What does “Campanu” mean?

The reason for this name at the beginning of the salmon fishing season in Asturias apparently has to do with the Monastery of Cornellana, in the council of Salas, where the bells used to ring on the occasion of the first salmon of the season. he fished throughout Asturias, hence the name “El Campanu” that is, “the bell.”

Thus, when the Campanu (the first salmon fishing) takes place is when the salmon fishing season is officially inaugurated.

Salmon fishing in Asturias

Salmon fishing in Asturias is not only a tradition, but also the best place in Spain where you can catch this type of fish. In fact, Asturias is currently the community on the Iberian Peninsula where the most salmon are found and caught. Thus, salmon fishing has become an annual event that involves a campaign in which all the rivers of Asturias participate and in fact, the tradition we are talking about always generates a lot of expectation since there are many fishermen who claim to be the first to get the campanu.

The first salmon caught in Asturias is the most important and journalists and television cameras from all over Spain and other countries come to cover the event, since after the fishing an auction is held that usually always exceeds 1,000 euros. The campanu is also always bought by the most prestigious restaurants in Spain to honor their best and most popular customers.

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