FunFind out what an epoxy resin is

Find out what an epoxy resin is

Undoubtedly you have ever heard of epoxy resin , even if it was not by this name but as epoxy resin, epoxy, porcelain or liquid crystal, the many ways in which this essential product is known in the industry at various scales.

In any case, it is a thermosetting polymer whose main characteristic is that it is capable of going from the liquid state to the solid state when a hardener is applied, and although there are different formulas, the most frequently marketed one contains Bisphenol A and epichlorohydrin.

What advantages does it bring

As a consequence of its composition, epoxy resin has some advantages for handling it, such as for example being able to withstand temperatures of up to 70 ° C for a long time, something that most of its competitors cannot do, which rules them out in these circumstances.

In addition to its high thermal resistance , it is highly resistant to corrosion, so it requires little maintenance, and it can withstand contact with corrosive chemicals that spoil other materials over time.

Its flexibility and adherence, together with its humidity margin, explain why it is so widely used in floor covering , to name just one of the cases in which it is usually relied upon.

We must even take into account that the epoxy resin does not shrink, so it is not necessary to later rectify the work done, which would require an enormous amount of effort.

Resistance is another of the aspects in which we must stop, with 65 N of force per m2, which transform it into a perfect coating for industrial warehouses, hangars, warehouses and plants, through which vehicles and goods of tons and tons will move of weight.

That’s when its versatility or versatility also comes into play, considering that it prevents unevenness due to its self-leveling quality, which keeps the surfaces smooth, without surprises or surprises, both in decoration and in masonry or, why not, in logistics. .

In recent years, epoxy resin has also become a very valid solution in costume jewelery, the aircraft industry and even electronics, to the point that different devices that we use every day incorporate it at some point in their manufacturing process.

Even the food industry has found in it the answer to its conservation needs, since it can seal containers, containers and tanks, in order to protect the air intake and ensure that the corrosion of certain acids in food does not damage its containers.

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