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7 tips to buy insurance this Black Friday 2021

The last Friday in November has become a key date in Spain for a few years now. We are talking, of course, of Black Friday , the day in which to take advantage of to make purchases with discounts and incidentally to advance Christmas gifts saving us a few euros. This year Black Friday is celebrated on November 26 .

Black Friday is an American tradition that is celebrated after Thanksgiving. Originally it lasted only one day, but today the discounts last for days , both starting before and ending after. This year Black Friday is expected to last until December 3.

As if that were not enough, on November 29 comes Cyber Monday, the day of sales on Internet purchases.

Are you ready to sweep on Black Friday? Before you go shopping like there’s no tomorrow, take a look at these tips so you don’t get fooled or run into any problems. Take aim!

First of all, compare!

Do not rush to buy the first thing you see that seems to be cheap. As published by the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users), you can find the same product at very different prices and, often, there is another product of better quality that may even be cheaper or have a better value for money.

Beware of false offers

Whenever there is a discount, the original price, the discount percentage, or both must appear on the label or on the product sheet. The fact that the original price is crossed out does not mean that it is necessarily an offer. Don’t get carried away by this marketing strategy.

So that they do not give you it with cheese, their thing is that you check about a month before how much that product is worth. Or if you haven’t done it that long in advance, at least look at what it’s worth on other sites that don’t celebrate Black Friday. This way you will know if it is a real offer or not.

Finally, experts recommend contacting the customer service department and asking what is the recommended sale price.

Price control apps

Surely you do not have the time or desire to go around checking whether or not the price of a product drops. We say this because Balck Friday is no longer limited to a single day, but can last at least a week and during these days prices may vary. There are applications that do this job of price control for you. Among them are and Idealo.

Pay attention to the conditions of return and sale

If you buy online, merchants are obliged to make a return within 14 days without you having to give any explanation. In times of sales, the purchase and return conditions may change, for example, not accepting card payments or changing the return period, generally extending it. Of course, they must advertise it clearly and in a visible place for buyers to see it. Sign up for the return deadline so you don’t get any disappointment.

Cards instead of transfers

The OCU recommends paying for online purchases preferably with a card, either prepaid or credit. Also through Paypal. Transfers would be the last way to pay, especially if you don’t trust the seller.

Make a shopping list

The worst thing you can do on Black Friday is go shopping without any planning or list of what you need or want to buy. This will only make you buy compulsively, waste money and regret it.

Why don’t you write down a more or less fixed budget? This way you will be aware of what you are going to spend and why not, of what you could do with that money if you do not melt it on Black Friday.

Reduced does not mean worse quality

That a product is discounted does not mean that it is of worse quality. The law prohibits products that are defective from being sold at discounted prices.

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When is Black Friday 2021 in Spain?

This year Black Friday in Spain is November 26, but there are stores that are already offering attractive discounts. We tell you more.