NewsA court annuls the preventive detention for Cristina Kirchner...

A court annuls the preventive detention for Cristina Kirchner dictated by the judge who died last week

An Argentine court has annulled the preventive detention dictated against Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, current vice president, in the case of the ‘bribery notebooks’, which is on hold due to her current status of gauging. It was issued by Judge Claudio Bonadio, who died on February 4. Said judge was also the one who processed Fernández and sent her to an oral trial for that case, although the arrest was never made effective due to that aforementioned afarment. The decision was adopted by judges Ana María Figueroa, Daniel Petrone and Diego Barroetaveña, who explain that The dangers of escape or obstruction of the investigation have not been verified. Without these procedural risks, preventive detention does not correspond, according to the Argentine press, but the judges have not ruled on the issue of jurisdiction that had been raised to them from Court III of the Cassation, which this Monday argued that it is another matter. The courtroom that had to intervene in this case The case of the ‘bribery notebooks’ is based on the notes in notebooks of the driver of a senior official of the Government of Néstor Kirchner (2003-2007), who was pointing the money that, supposedly , was delivered and collected for the award of public works during the Kirchner governments. Fernández de Kirchner is the subject of numerous judicial investigations, most of them for corruption. Last May, he sat on the dock for the first time for, allegedly, leading a criminal organization to defraud the State by contracting public works in the province of Santa Cruz through front men with the Austral Construcciones Group, owned by the Kirchner family. This would have billed 46.000 million pesos (more than one billion euros).

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The vice president of Argentina is accused of corruption during her government and that of her husband, for which two prosecutors ask for a 12-year sentence.

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