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A goat replaces the statue of Sebastián de Belalcázar in Cali

Álvaro Márquez, author of the statue of the goat that happened to occupy the place where the monument to Sebastián de Belalcázar used to be, affirmed that the piece is provisional and that it is the community itself that has to decide which piece should occupy the disputed space.

In the framework of the National Strike, in Cali, the Misak indigenous people demolished the statue of Sebastián de Belalcázar, as a form of vindication of their territorial historical memory. In replacement of this structure, the sculptor Álvaro Márquez put the statue of a goat, with the idea of occupying the space. As read on the Caracol Radio website, the artist stated: “After the statue was demolished, I went back and took a photo. However, it was not the same, there was only the pedestal and it looked weird. I came up with the idea of getting metal, took it to solder and the goat was formed. This figure is small, but its weight is quite a lot, so several neighbors, merchants and visitors to the sector helped it to move and climb ”.

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On the Blu Radio website it is read that Councilor Roberto Rodríguez, from the Democratic Center party, spoke out in this regard and, in defense of Belalcázar’s piece, said: “That is outrageous and rude. The more the administration delays with dialogue processes, the other expressions will be generated. The culture of our city and of the people who love it can do more. We are the ones who will have to pronounce from next week with demonstrations so that this historical monument that we love so much returns. To these statements he added that he is going to undertake a collection of signatures to request that the Belalcázar monument be returned to its site.

This action, as read in Infobae , adds to the complaint of congressman Christian Garcés, from the Democratic Center, against the indigenous people who demolished the statue of Belalcázar, as well as that of the lawyer Hernando Morales Plaza against Pedro Velasco, governor of the community Misak, and Edgar Alberto Velasco Tumía, secretary of the indigenous authorities movement.

Meanwhile, Márquez, author of the sculpture of the goat, admits that the piece is provisional, since, according to him, it is the community itself that has to decide which piece should occupy the disputed space.