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A new letter from the US on energy policy: "we are concerned"

US lawmakers have sent a new letter to the administration of President Joe Biden to express concern about the direction of Mexican energy policy, the likely passage of President López Obrador’s reform, and what they call a “harmful fossil fuel agenda.” ” from Mexico.

“Public information indicates that President López Obrador interprets the relative public silence of the Biden administration on this issue as indifference or tacit approval of his government’s decision to prioritize the development of fossil sources over renewable energy,” says the statement. letter, dated yesterday, Tuesday, and signed by four senators from the Democratic Party.

The congressmen of the United States have sent different letters to the government of President Biden to show their concern and request that the latter make a public statement on the legal changes in Mexican politics, but until now the US presidency has not set the reform of the Mexican energy market as one of their priorities on the bilateral agenda, in which other issues such as immigration or the rules of origin of the automotive market have stood out.

In this last letter, the senators ask the United States administration to make public its position on the Mexican president’s energy reform and make this problem a priority in the discussion. “We urge the Biden administration to strongly express our concern about President López Obrador’s damaging fossil fuel agenda.”

Last November, Ken Salazar, the US ambassador to Mexico, made a brief and diplomatic statement on the reform that has been publicly discussed since last Monday. “We are looking to see if there are any ways that we can reach a resolution. I don’t know if that’s possible,” said the Democrat about the legislative changes that would reverse most of what was agreed with the 2013 reform.

On Monday, Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported during his morning conference at the National Palace that this week he will receive Jennifer Granholm, Secretary of Energy of the United States, with whom there are no “prohibited” issues, for which – he advanced – he would even discuss the electricity reform .

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