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A robotic dog will guard the ruins of Pompeii

Pompeii, covered by ashes after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. C., faces not only the degradation of natural forces but also human activity.

To protect this authentic treasure of the past, the Pompeii Archaeological Park has hired the services of Boston Dynamics , specifically one of its four-legged robots called Spot, to inspect the streets and tunnels of the ancient Italian city instead of using security guards. human security.

Past, present and future

Spot has already started patrolling the streets of Pompeii using its cameras and sensors to provide information on those structures in the city that are difficult to access and could be dangerous for human inspection.

The archaeological ruins of Pompeii cover around 440,000 square meters and it seems that the tunnels dug by illegal relic hunters are posing a serious threat to the fabric of the city. The robot will be responsible for mapping the environment, indoors and outdoors, and has the ability to detect and avoid obstacles, climb stairs and open doors.

The Boston Dynamics robot dog costs $75,000 (about 67,000 euros) and is intended for the most varied activities: heavy lifting , inspection of rocket launch test sites, as a military training aid to army personnel …

Spot , at the moment, is not available for domestic use, only at an industrial level, but the company has already announced its intention that this robot dog can be purchased, at some point in the future, precisely for this more domestic use.

Referencia: Boston Dynamics

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